Bial Hclap - " SIERRA MADRE"

About the artist:

Humberto Loopz aka Bial Hclap es un dj y
productor Humberto Loopz, a.k.a. Bial
Hclap, is one of the top DJ/producers in
Mexico’s current landscape. Originally
from Guadalajara, Bial has deep roots in
the the underground hip-hop scene from
his hometown, but has since spread out
to cover a vast array of genres including
dub, nu-cumbia, global bass, jazz and
beyond, all within his characteristic and
unique sound. Called “the next Toy
Selectah for the millennial generation” by

MTV, Bial has established himself as one of the most
sought-after remixers in the forefront of the evolving
world of Mexican hip-hop.
Bial has collaborated with some of the biggest names
in Mexican underground music, such as Pato
Machete, Eptos Uno and La Banda Baston, to name a
few and produced remixes for international stars like
Fidel Nadal, Morodo, Celso Piña, Quiero Club and
Héctor Guerra. He has also shared the stage with Mala
Rodríguez, Panteón Rococo, La Yegros and many
others and performed in packed clubs across Europe,
North America and Latin America. Bial has had
records released by labels in Mexico, Europe and the
United States besides his own indy label Handiclap.
Bial has given rise to more than seventeen musical
projects in his career. He is now focused on
diversifying his style and continuing to expand into
other musical genres.


Bial Hclap - " SIERRA MADRE"

Sierra Madre is the title of Bial Hclap’s
latest and most ambitious release. A
six-track EP where he fuses his eclectic
electronic production style with live
instrumentation to create original
soundscapes that go all the way to the
pre-Hispanic roots of Mexico and takes
those sound to the future.
Here’s what Bial himself had to say about
this project:
“It came about a year and a half ago, after
completing tours abroad around Europe,
Colombia, Canada and the United States.
Following the time I spent outside of
Mexico, I decided to do a project that
would represent my country, a fusion that
would showcase my evolution after
experimenting with electronic music,
hip-hop and Latin rhythms. Over the last
few years ago I have focused on a more
eclectic style of production, breaking down
barriers to reach a balance between
the tradition of my culture and my own
musical tastes. I am satisfied with the result
as I managed to mix the traditional sounds
of Mexican music, moving through
pre-Hispanic sounds and adding electronic
rhythms throughout the production.”

bout Sierra Madre:


Humberto López
Tel: +52 33 11 77 56 52

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